It wasn't until I moved into a newer house,about five years ag,that I realized there WERE any other type of fuses.I still don't know how to repair or replace them newfangled ones.

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Hi, Tom,

Wow, what memories this brings back. The only equipment that I have ever owned that included these was a 1981 Canadian-market electric range. The last house I had that used these was the old house I had in Canada from 1981-1983, and a new service entrance and breaker panel were some of the first things I did to the house. My old house in NY City lost these about 1965--it was originally built in 1921 and had a single phase, three wire service entrance with two of the 30 Amp fuses as mains. The replacement had a two-pole 70 amp breaker. I upgraded the 100 amp to 200 amp in my 1984-2004 house in California and the house here came with a 200 A breaker panel.

These are not the best devices, but they certainly were pervasive. The Fusetron fuses had diameters that were keyed to their ratings, so you could not put in a different size once you screwed the adapter into the "edison base" socket (same as a lamp). The adapters had anti-removal pawls/springs so once the mod was done, it could not be easily undone.

My 1921-built house had fuses in the neutrals as well as the hots!

I'm mentioning this on-list because there are many non-North-American list members who might have a bit of curiosity about how domestic sound reproducing equipment received its power--these were the prevalent protection devices from before the 1920s into the 1950s.



On 2012-01-16 6:23 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
> All that you see here:
> yours for the price of shipping.
> Not sure if anyone uses these things anymore or if there are old equipment installs that use them??
> Ping off-list if interested.
> - -- Tom Fine

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