Why hasn't this 
I have stated before my interest in acquiring a copy.

Why hasn't this been put up on the web by now?



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I own a copy of Mike Borgeson's Westminster listing and agree that  it's 
very useful. I can't get at my copy now, but I'm sure it's what I remember  
and Rich Kaplan wrote about. If it is indeed the same, the pamphlet was  
privately produced and sold by the late Jerry Canter through his LP dealership,  
The Classical Collector. Mike and Jerry were friends, and Jerry told me  
that Mike made the list because he was fascinated by Westminsters and,  I 
think, collected them. 

  It was my impression that the listing was sold only by Jerry Canter  
through his LP business. Two or three years ago I asked him if he had any copies 
left. He said no. By then his health was declining. He said he and Mike 
had no  plans to do anything about it. Jerry died about two years ago. 

  If I can learn anything about Mike Borgeson's current whereabouts or  
contact information I'll post it if it's all right with him.

  Don Tait
There's a pamphlet by Mike Borgeson, "The Westminster Record," with a  
numerical listing of the WL, WAL, WLAB, AND (X)WN series through 1958. Very  
useful. Perhaps someone has info on the current availability of this, or 
current  contact information on Mike?


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I just  dug out one of my first Hi-Fi purchases, a 1953 Westminster "Hi-Fi  
Demonstration Record".  With it I could test out my system with  "Frequency 
tones in all audible ranges from 40 to 15,000 cps.", "Music with  
controllable range from 30 to 15,000 cps.", "Definition in loud passages  without 
intermodulation", "Separate bands of sound of percussion, string,  woodwind and 
brass groups, piano, harpsichord and guitar", and last but not  least, a 
"Stroboscope for control of turntable speed" located on the labels of  both 
sides of the record.  It was hot stuff in those days. On the back  side of the 
album cover there's a listing of their albums in numerical order  from 
WL5001 to WL5162 plus nine of their 2 record sets (WAL series).  Of  course, 
this won't be the full catalog.  At the bottom, it says, "Please  ask dealer 
for complete catalog." If anyone would like me to look up any  numbers that 
may be in the listings, I have the cover at my fingertips.  LP demo
records were "the thing" in those days for a twenty year old  with his 
first component system.  Rod Stephens

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Are these the el-cheapo Double Decker CDs? I have the  Rodzinski Nutcracker
on one of those - fantastic! - coupled with  Abravanel's Swan Lake excerpts.
And some Scherchen Beethoven symphonies,  also in very good sound. Didn't
realize what a fine pedigree these packages  had or I'd have bought more of
them, like the Kna Wagner  excerpts.

Somehow I never encountered any of the Westminster product in  its original
form in decent shape until last summer, when I found the  Knappertsbusch
Fidelio in a junkshop for $3-mint. It has Westminster  ABC-Paramount logos 
the sleeve and Westminster on the LPs. The pressings  look like 1960s
production rather than 1950s, so maybe still not the  earliest? Mastering is
credited to Claude Rie and there is a script R  inscribed in the runout.
WMS-1003. I'll have to wash it up and see how it  plays....


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I'll confirm that report. In addition I have some  similarly-liveried
Barylli Quartet, Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet etc.  Westminster CDs. And they
sound quite good, by the way, once the CD problem  is overcome.


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> Some late Westminster  recordings were issued on CD by "MCA Classics":
>   Monteux's recordings of the Beethoven 9th and Berlioz's Romeo and  
> So,  the acquisition of Westminster's catalogue by MCA  makes sense.
> Rich
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> I do not  recall Westminster being connected to  MCA/Decca in any way, but
> it
> has been  a long  time.....
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> The MCA Westminster was, as I  recall, issued on U.S.  Decca.
> Steve  Smolian
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> Subject:  [ARSCLIST] Westminster record  label
> I recently saw two  "Westminster" releases in  series I have not seen
> (or don't  remember).
>  Can anyone provide some background on them, when they  were active,  how
> extensive was the catalog, new recordings or reissues,   etc.
> I am  aware of the two-tone orange cover series - these are NOT  that
>  series.
> The Westminster ABC release appears to have been   available in mono and
> stereo, carries catalog numbers XWN/WST 17135  Norman  Treigle - arias,
> recorded June 1967.
> The  MCA Westminster release MCA  1401  Walton: Facade, Gingold,  Oberlin.
> Copyright  1980.
> Thanks!
> Best  wishes,  Thomas.