Obviously there are people here who know 
Don't forget Bartok Records.

Obviously there are people here who know more than I do about Stradivarius Records.I have had two of their Lps for years.What can anybody tell me about them?



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Subject: [ARSCLIST] LP period record business
I agree there is a need for works covering the LP to CD era.  

There have been various articles and books that address pieces of this era.
A good bibliography is the logical starting place- what do we already know,
what else do se need to research, etc.

I've been looking at a subset of the early LP classical record companies as
I've become aware of how many were connected through their owners being
ex-patriot Hungarians.  Period, Vox, Stradavari, etc. Some issued only a
record or two and either failed pr morphed.   Many of the performers were
from the same part of the world and had the cultural and linguistic comfort
that enabled them to go back to central Europe with scarce hard currency,
negotiate the complexities of the post-war political maze, and built
catalogs from Vienna, Stuttgart, Italy (Dario Soria), etc.  

Except for Soria, miost were Jewish.  This must have created some strong
personal conflicts when conducting business.  

Many of the labels of the earl 50s had personnel who arrived after WW II.
That included the outfits that cut records as well, and those who imported
the equipment used for high-quality recording.  Steve Temmer of Gotham was

These folks made up an important part of the industry that emerged as tape
replaced the lacquer disc.  This part of the story is still quite

Another important thread is to trace the effect of the benefits of funding
for education and new businesses through various GI benefits. Many
servicemen were mustered out with significant nest egg accumulations, war
loot, etc.

In short, a book drawn from the sources we already have would be a stopgap
awaiting further, well researched information.  So much of what we now have
is history by press release. Cherchez le buck.  

Steve Smolian