The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA etc. have announced
the publication of a second set of vocabulary terms as linked open data.

Included are the media terms:

The term "computer" continues to be used as a media type rather than
ISBD Area 0's "electronic".

-No other media is identified as a piece of equipment, e.g., the term
 "projected" is used, not "projector", "microcopic" not "microscope".

-Patrons do not think of their Kobos, Kindles, iPhones, etc. as computers.

-What would one call an actual computer being catalogued?

-Check the definition of "computer" in RDA; Alice in Wonderland territory,
 in which a word means what JSC says it means.

While some of the content term long phrases would mean nothing to most
patrons, the misuse of "computer" is by far the worst usage offender.

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