Karen said:

>the original date of publication. Re-issued versions of classics have  
>dates like "2008" and no where in the bib record does it say that the  
>Work dates from, say, 1813.
Yes. Vital information.  And MARC had a field for it, 503.  Which was
also good for "Originally released as a motion picture ..." in DVD
records.  Perhaps this data will be added to the new 264?  But that
would not be as good as consistency with legacy records.

I fail to understand why seldom needed esoteric fields are added,
while such a basic one is removed.

A measure of which MARC fields have been coded is no measure of
whether they have been used for discovery by systems, and no guide to
data needed in a future coding system.  Some needed data. such as
original publiction date, has often been neither coded nor utilized by

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