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*April 2012 marks the fifth anniversary of the Data Model Meeting [1] at
the British Library, London attended by participants interested in the fit
between RDA: resource description and access and the models used in other
metadata communities, especially those working in the Semantic Web
environment. This meeting, informally known as the “London Meeting”, has
proved to be a critical point in the trajectory of libraries from the
traditional data view to linked data and the Semantic Web.*
DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative) and others will host a one-day
seminar on Friday 27 April 2012 to describe progress since 2007, mark the
anniversary, and look to further collaboration in the future.

Speakers will include participants at the 2007 meeting and other
significant players in library data and the Semantic Web. Papers from the
seminar will be published by DCMI and available freely online.

The seminar will be preceded by inaugural meetings of the new DCMI
Vocabulary Management Community [2] and DCMI Bibliographic Metadata Task
Group [3] on Thursday 28 April 2012 which will be open to all.

The venue for both days is the British Library, St Pancras, London.

The London Meeting stimulated significant development of Semantic Web
representations of the major international bibliographic metadata models,
including IFLA’s Functional Requirements family and the International
Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD), and MARC as well as RDA itself.
Attention is now beginning to focus on the management and sustainability of
this activity, and the development of high-level semantic and data
structures to support library applications.

This is a preliminary announcement; further information will be circulated
in due course and published via [2] and [3].

Diane Hillmann (Moderator, DCMI Vocabulary Management Community; Co-Chair,
DCMI Bibliographic Metadata Task Group)
Gordon Dunsire (Co-Chair, DCMI Bibliographic Metadata Task Group)