I see that the EAD list is also the EAC list, according to the EAC home page, so here's a question for the collective EAC wisdom.  One of the things we'd like to include in our EAC records is a link to a photo of the person, or the company logo in the case of corporations, so that when the record is rendered all pretty in the browser there's a nice image to go with it.  I'm wondering what would be the most appropriate element to use.

At first I thought  <resourceRelation resourceRelationType="subjectOf" xlink:href="photo.jpg"></resourceRelation> .  But a company isn't really the "subject of" its logo, so that feels weird.  So now I'm thinking <citation xlink:href'"photo.jpg"> since its purpose is "to point to a resource that provides descriptive data which is not otherwise given in the EAC-CPF instance."  And since <citation> can occur in <bioghist> (the most logical place for a photo of a person or a company logo) maybe that's the best choice.  



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