Network Bulletin



                    No:    01-02


                 Date:    January 6, 2012


Subject:    Bibliographic Control                                          Index term:  Book number prefixes




This is to announce the book number prefixes that will be used for the new collections that NLS plans to add to BARD. The prefixes will appear in BARD, Voyager, download reports issued to the network, and MARC record sets distributed to the network.


Digital talking-book number prefixes:


DB         General collection digital talking books

DBF       Special foreign library collection digital talking books

DBM      Music collection (music appreciation and instruction) digital talking books

DBE       Gifts or special acquisitions (hypothetical)


Digital braille-book number prefixes:


BR          General collection digital braille

BRM      Music collection digital braille

BRF       Special foreign library collection digital braille


Network library book numbers


There are currently forty-three network libraries that have locally produced books in the International Union Catalog. The book numbers are assigned by the cooperating libraries, and there is no standard convention used in the network.


Too many new book-number prefixes may be confusing in a service designed primarily for the general readership (BARD), so this policy groups the locally produced books of different network libraries together under the common prefixes below. The alternative would be dozens of new prefixes in BARD. Voyager records will reference the original local book number in addition to the newly assigned number used in BARD. 

                                                      - 2 -



Full MARC records for locally produced network books in BARD will be made available for network libraries. The original network library book numbers will be included in MARC records in a specially defined MARC field along with the CMLS code of the contributing library. This will allow contributing libraries to map the original numbers to the new NLS-assigned book numbers.


Network library book number prefixes:


DBN      Network digital talking books that have passed MSCE QA

DBC       All other network digital talking books. This could conceivably also be used for digital talking books from other external agencies.

BRC       Network (and, again, possibly other external agency) digital braille


In order to reliably identify magazine issues in download statistical reports, magazine issues

will use the above prefixes. The rest of the magazine number will consist of the CMLS code

and issue date, comprising the year, month, and, for weeklies, the day of the issue (e.g., DB NAT7_2011-06-06). New CMLS codes will be created for the locally produced magazines

that appear in BARD.