NLS Operations Alert


No. 12-02


DATE          :              January 10, 2012

TO                :              Network Libraries

FROM         :              Ruth Scovill, Acting Director

SUBJECT   :              Two longtime NLS employees retire



Two longtime NLS employees—Robert E. Fistick and Jim Miller—retired December 30, 2011.


Fistick had been NLS deputy director since 2007 and was a key player in the transition to digital technology. He joined NLS as head of

the Production Control Section in 1981. As head of the Publications and Media Section from 1983 to 2005, he was responsible for the

NLS printing program and national outreach.


Fistick became special assistant to the director in 2005 and served as acting chief of the Materials Development Division until mid-2006,

when he became acting deputy director. He was named deputy director the following year. In that role he assisted the director with

program and policy administration and managed the NLS digital transition. He played a prominent role on the Digital Audio

Development executive committee (1998–2007) and the Digital Implementation Project committee (2007–2009), through which NLS

launched its new digital talking-book system.


Miller, the NLS equipment control officer, had more than forty-five years of federal government service, nearly twenty-eight of them with NLS. Before joining NLS in 1984 Miller served in the U.S. Army, including two tours of duty in Vietnam; was a Washington, D.C., police officer; and oversaw supplies at Washington National Airport.


At NLS Miller helped update and strengthen accountability and control procedures for talking-book machines and accessories, and worked to make machine distribution more efficient.


Michael Katzmann, chief of the Materials Development Division, is serving as acting deputy director.



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            Ruth Scovill

            Acting Director, NLS

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