ARSC Listers,

Not looking to toot my own horn here, but just calling to your attention
something I've been working on here and there:

I expanded and corrected the introduction, re-situated the photo, changed
the title to reflect that this is the "Popular" series and added the link
to UCSB. Originally it was one long grid with an even longer line listing
below, containing mostly duplicate information from the grid but also some
release entries not held within. There was no "Date" field, so I added
that, and I divided the grid into four numerically even sections; as of
yet, there are very few dates in the list. I have been gradually adding the
entries from the line listing, and deleting the latter as I go. It
currently stands halfway corrected and halfway not so. I have simplified
the cumbersome (w: = words m. = music) formula to one which simply provides
writing credits, separated by dashes.

I would welcome comments, and especially links and references, which I will
add when done with the grid -- I have a few already. My reason for
bothering is that these records are still around in a good number, as are
-- perhaps more significantly -- machines to play them on. There is need
for a simple listing of them on the web, for quick reference. So far I am
only working from the information already on the page and only adding
credits or correcting names that I know; "John Philip Sousa" for "Liberty
Bell March," "Arthur Collins for "Collins."

I note that on the site that somebody was adding Blue Amberols
quite comprehensibly up to the end of the 1500s, but didn't get much
further than that.

Dave Lewis
Lebanon, OH