Dear Listserv regulars,

I have compiled a list of issues I have of HIGH FIDELITY, STEREO REVIEW
(and its earlier incarnations), AUDIO and the Recordings issues of THE
SATURDAY REVIEW. The period is early fifties to late sixties. Before I take
them to ebay, I first wanted to offer them gratis (but you pay shipping) to
Iist members because, first and foremost, I wish them to go to those
interested not only in the editorial content but also the period ad copy (I
used a lot from 1959 in my 2009 ARSC Conference presentation in Washington)
and the fun of paging through them, which can't be done often by younger
readers now that most libraries have trashed their print copies whether
bound or unbound.

I have the list as a Word document but as I understand it, the listserv
won't permit attachments. If you wish to "ping" me off-list, I will gladly
send you the list. Conveyance would be cheapest for someone in the NYC
metro area. My only condition is that I won't split off single issues from
a year listed as complete.



Dennis D. Rooney
303 W. 66th Street, 9HE
New York, NY 10023