Hi Katie

As a general rule and something quite easy to use when identifying an
acetate tape, if you shine a torch/flashlight under it and it glows in a
semi-radioactive looking way (kind of a spooky greenish glow!) then do not
bake it.


On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 9:21 AM, Katie Mullen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Thanks, to both Marie and Richard: good advice. Marie, I wish i has such a
> room!
> Richard: I definitely *don't* want to go down the route of using
> respirators - much more complicated to do that under OSHA than to use other
> controls -- and we do have access to a well-maintained fume hood. (And
> I'mlucky enough to have access to UW Campus Health and Safety to help me
> out with some of these issues - that isn't always been the case.) I agree,
> I definitely also don't want to routinely be baking things, especially if
> they have to do it in the hood - it's ineffcient, it's noisy, it's in a
> non-
> audio lab employee's workspace -- unhappiness all around there! So for now,
> we'll bake only when we can't play a tape to transfer, and keep an eye out
> for some of the research I'm starting to hear about that will help us
> identify sticky shed before it's played.
> Richard - your response brought up a few more questions for me. One is: if
> you are reserving seperate equipment for baking moldy tape, are you also
> reserving seperate equipment for playing it? Our audio archivist and I have
> only come across moldy tape once since we've been doing this ( a few
> years), and we we're able to make the decision to de-acession the tape in
> that instance.
> Also - I've been wondering about differentiating between different tape
> bases before baking. Acetate and PET - there are a couple of ways that I
> know of if it were really in question (using polarized filters, for one,I
> think - but if there is an easier way, please let me know) - but do we need
> to worry about ruling out PVC as well?
> I'd still love to hear other's stories about how they set up this workflow.
> I'm certainly not enough of a chemist myself to be able to take the laundry
> list of potentially harmful components I recieved and trace it back to any
> particular of the makeup of a tape, unfortunately.
> Cheers!
> Katie