"Teams of visual observers at 150 stations in the United States and other
countries were alerted during the night to watch for the Soviet sphere at
dawn and during the evening twilight. They had been organized in Project
Moonwatch <> to sight the
satellite through binoculars or telescopes as it passed
USSR asked radio amateurs and commercial stations to record the sound
of the satellite on magnetic tape<>
.[56] <>
News reports at the time pointed out that "anyone possessing a short wave
receiver can hear the new Russian earth satellite as it hurtles over his
area of the globe". Directions, provided by the American Radio Relay
to "Tune in 20 megacycles sharply, by the time signals, given on that
frequency. Then tune to slightly higher frequencies. The 'beep, beep' sound
of the satellite can be heard each time it rounds the
first recording of
*Sputnik 1*'s signal was made by RCA
<>engineers near Riverhead, Long
Island. They then drove the tape recording
into Manhattan for broadcast to the public over
NBC<>radio. However, as
*Sputnik* rose higher over the East Coast, its signal was picked up by ham
station W2AEE, the ham radio station of Columbia
Students working in the university's FM station,
made a tape of this, and were the first to rebroadcast the *Sputnik
1*signal to the American public (or such of it as could receive the FM
station). The next morning two FBI
<>agents took the tape from the
station. It has never been returned."



I wonder what happened to WKCR's tape of Sputnik, and of course why the FBI
would want to seize it, apart from general Cold War paranoia.

Also note near the close of the article the presence of a fake Sputnik I
recording, courtesy of NASA. Why would we need to circulate something like

David N. "Uncle Dave" Lewis
Lebanon, OH