Indeed, I've never encountered the products, or even mention, of Historic
Record Society before. I ran into a lot about the Hot Record Society in my
William Russell research, as Russell was a partner in that company along
with Stevie Smith early on, but backed out around 1941. That HRS began as a
resale business for old jazz records, which consisted of a simple listing
of records though a simple ad placed in magazines; you could also sign up
to have the ad sheet mailed to your home. A lot of vendors of used records
back then worked exactly that way.

I went through several of these sheets in the Russell Collection in New
Orleans, along with some correspondence between Russell and Stevie Smith.
The specific release dates for the reissues they did would correspond to
the monthly mail out, or ad, that circulated containing those records. I do
not concur with the idea that reissues of this kind are altogether
valueless, and I have treasured Biltmores and UHCAs just as I have the few
"classic" original records of that type that I could ever find, because the
lowly Biltmore makes available to me material I seriously doubt I could
ever turn up in the field. Those records are either gone or owned already.

Sorry that this is not more helpful.

David "Uncle Dave" Lewis
Lebanon, OH

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 10:49 AM, David Weiner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> The Tom Peel book is great, but it would have been doubly so had it
> included ALL issues, master pressings and dubbings.
> Dave Weiner
> >> Subject: [ARSCLIST] IRCC and HRS sources
> >>
> >> Hi Everyone,
> >>
> >> Does anyone know of a readily available reference that will list the
> >> source
> >> recordings for the many IRCC, HRS and similar reissues?  "Seventy Years
> >>of
> >> Issues" by Tom Peel covers the records pressed from original metal
> >>parts,
> >> but not the dubbings, and some of those are the ones I'm trying to
> >> identify.
> >>
> >> Thanks!
> >>
> >> Tom Hawthorn
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