What I liked best about the Decca Sound was the variety of artists and material they chose to 
include. I'm happy they included material from very recent times as well as from the "golden era," 
stressing repertoire and artistry above all else. I also like the very British flavor the whole 
thing exudes, I can't explain exactly what makes it so, but it is proudly British. I will also say 
that the newly-remastered material sounds better in the cases where I have previous remasters, to my 
ears. The booklet articles were also interesting, except I would have liked a few more details about 
Decca's in-house project to build their own digital recorder.

Dawn of Digital tidbit, which I think I've shared before -- Philips' first digital for-release 
master was made by Decca engineers using Soundstream recording equipment. It was the first Philips 
session with John Williams and the Boston Pops, an album of Williams' own movie-theme compositions. 
I didn't learn this until last year, a former Soundstream engineer told me and I found from-the-day 
advertising from Philips confirming it was their first digital release. The part about the Decca 
engineers was confirmed to me by a former Philips engineer I met at AES last fall.

-- Tom Fine

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> Thanks, Tom, for giving me the heads up about these three great classical box sets.
> The Decca Sound arrived today and I've enjoyed the bit of listening I have done so far. I am 
> reminded how good these people became at multi-mic setups for choir and orchestra as well as for 
> soloists.
> I have one complaint/warning about The Decca Sound box. The closure is a magnet so don't put any 
> tapes on top of it <smile>.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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