Hi, Lou,

I have a little Hammond die-cast box with 4 RCA jacks on it and two L 
pads inside for my H2.

The H1 apparently does not have the problem the H2 has in that regard. 
See this note:



On 2012-02-02 12:28 PM, Lou Judson wrote:
> Me too! I want one I want one...
> Recently I was using my Sound Devices as a for track recorder, so used my H2 for the 2mix - and it distorted on peaks! Now I wonder ig the H2n is more robust when getting a +4 line signal? That would be excuse enough to own one, nice mics aside.
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> On Feb 1, 2012, at 9:24 AM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>>   I'm tempted to get an H2n just because...
>> Cheers,
>> Richard

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