If you can notch it, it is not an artifact of stick-slip. It is on the 
tape that way or your machine is very very broken <smile>. If it follows 
the tape to another machine, it's on the tape.

If this is an original recording and it's really 11,100 it would not be 
405 line as that looks to be about 10,125. However, that's only 9.6% 
fast. Is that a possibility (405 line recorded 10% slow and now you're 
playing it so it comes out 11,100)????

Resample it down 9% or so (changing both time and pitch -- we have to 
specify that these days -- or just play back using the varispeed). What 
does the content sound like?

There are all sorts of reasons that it could have been recorded slow. 
10% is a lot to be off, but not that much.

What part of the world are you in and where did the tape come from? That 
would be a bit of a help chasing down this.



On 2012-02-06 5:22 PM, Gregorio Garcia Karman wrote:
> I know I can notch it quite effectively but I was interested to know if this might be a symptom that something could be wrong with the tape and I should be trying to fix it before transferring.

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