My proplem is twofold, neither migration-related.

1. I'm trying to ask them a question by email. The password I have in my
personal list didn't work.  I changed itand tried the new one over a
three-hour period, equally unsuccessful.  My Version 10 is paid for and
up-to-date.  I then PAID to be able to talk with them by phone.  The site
asked for my password.  Same result.  Grrrrrr.

2. The question to them is, is there a way now or in a near-future upgrade,
to use FADGI BWF Metaedit in Sound Forge?  

This is the U.S. Government supposedly universal program to inbed metadata
in WAV files.

I need an answer to decide what to do next- continue to use SF or abbandon
it, as FADGI BWF Metaedit is what an increasing number of clients are


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What versions did you guys have migration problems with? I've installed 7
and 9 on several different computers over the years, not had a problem so
far. I was bummed that the pre-sets from 7 didn't migrate to 9, but over
time that got solved from using 9. I haven't felt the need to upgrade beyond
9, for one thing because I like the external CD authoring program.

-- Tom Fine

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> Hi Steve,
> I've found their email tech help to be responsive and free!. It takes a
> day or two to resolve an issure that way. I've had installation issues
> before when I've migrated Sound Forge to a new PC.
> Cheers!
> Corey
> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
>> I can't get my password to Sound Forge, changed 2 hours ago, to get me
>> I paid for a phone call and can't access it.
>> Can anyone supply the number of a live person so I can get a couple of
>> things resolved?  Much appreciated.
>> Steve Smolian