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Hi Cary,

Giordano would be your best bet, depending on what he charges, if anything.
But he's very busy. He was interviewed yday on WNYC radio's Soundcheck
program where he talked about his two house loads of orchestrations.

You might try Paragon. Link is below.

The late Mike Montgomery of Michigan had a monstrous collection of early
orchestrations -- stock, dance, rag, etc. -- but I don't know what happened
to them.

There also was Dave (IIRC) Powers of Cincinnati, a huge collector of the
same stuff. 

Feinstein wasn't kidding. He may have orchestrations of Broadway shows of
the period, but not ragtime charts.

There are many other potential sources on the web.

Dan Lang2nyc.rr.coman

> Yes, Vince was on my list as well as Michael Feinstein, who didn't think he
> had anything other than an orchestration of "Swanee" that he acquired on eBay.
> Cary
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>> Dear Cary,
>> I presume you have conferred with Vince Giordano.
>> DDR
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>>> My group, the Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra, has been booked to play two
>>> festivals in Missouri this summer: the Scott Joplin International Ragtime
>>> Festival and the Blind Boone Ragtime Festival. We are looking to expand our
>>> repertoire. If anyone knows of vintage arrangements for small orchestra
>>> (10-12 pieces) of music from the period 1890 to 1920 that can be acquired
>>> (or borrowed) to augment our library, please let me know. A few other
>>> organizations have acquired large private collections but they do not share
>>> their finds. We are a West Coast-based group while most others of this
>>> nature are in the East. Surely there is room for one more organization that
>>> wishes to perform this music.
>>> Our website is
>>> Thanks for any leads or assistance.
>>> Cary Ginell
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