That is a wonderful article!

A number of musicians have told me that most of his mystique was actually
created by the musicians because they really enjoyed getting away from
Manhattan to the relative privacy of Van Gelder's for a day to work on their

In many cases their "day job" was playing advertising dates in Manhattan's
leading studios where they'd constantly be bumping into clients and other
"suits" who were important to their day to day livelihood. Rudy's was an
enjoyable holiday from the world of ad agencies.

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If you read carefully, he is saying a lot about his techniques and methods,
more than I've read in other interviews. He also clearly states that he was
less the "sonics decider" than people think -- that he did what producers
asked him to do.

Marc Myers did his usual excellent job conducting the interview and tying in
interesting and informative imagery. Links to next part at the top of each

Van Gelder received a Grammy Trustees Award this year, it's worth watching
the short video of his acceptance message. I thought it was very classy, as
was this interview.