Hello, Bryan,

Sending an email to the list is perhaps one of the slowest ways to get 

There is a List-Unsubscribe header in most legitimate mailing lists.

For this one, its contents are:

mailto:[log in to unmask]

Please just send a blank email to this address FROM THE ADDRESS WHICH 
YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED, which appears to be Bryan Kendall 
<[log in to unmask]>

Depending on how the above link shows up, you may either click on it or 
cut and paste it into your email program. If you cut and paste, please 
do not paste the "mailto:" part. That is what makes it clickable in most 
email programs.



On 2012-02-18 6:31 PM, Bryan Kendall wrote:
> Dear Sirs / Ms.,
> Hello.
> I ask again. Please stop sending me e-mails. It is too much. Please.
> Sincerely,
> bryan kendall

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