Hi Ron,

This subject came up about a year ago although it may be hard to find in
the archives.

If you are thinking about transferring flat and applying post EQ in the
digital domain, you might consider applying the low frequency compensation
in the analog domain and allowing everything above the turnover frequency
to be un-equalized. This allows for adequate digital headroom and also
allows for processing the “enhanced” high frequency content before
applying EQ to everything above the turnover frequency. This was a
suggestion from the last discussion when I asked a similar question. This
approach works quite well as it allows for restoration processing without
audible artifacts.

The setup I tried this with is:
A modified Dynakit PAS3 preamp routed through a GML 8200 parametric
equalizer. The modification to the PAS3 was simply removing the NAB EQ
section from the “Tape Head” input and adding 47K input termination which
allows it to be a flat preamp when using those inputs. The phono input was
left stock with the RIAA EQ in place. The cartridges are Moving Magnet.


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

> For another approach:
> Any thoughts about using a completely flat preamp
> fed into a computer via the M-Audio AP192K card
> and then equalized with software such as the Diamond Cut DC7?
> Off-line responses also welcomed.
> Thanks,
> --Ron