Hi Matt

In the USA, you have access to this supplier:

Art Brandwein
Tape Makers Ltd.
48 Urban Ave.
Westbury, NY 11590
(516) 333-2700

But Markertek have paper leader and will ship worldwide:
Ignore the stock photo, which is of coloured plastic leader.  The stock I bought proved to be durable and acid-free.

I have no affiliation with either outfit - just a desire for them to keep carrying this stock!

Best wishes

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The problem I have had with leader containing timing marks is that the ink 
from the timing marks adheres to the next wrap, thus delaminating it..
I advocate (and yearn for a source for) paper leader (preferably 
I bought some of the new (neon blue) splicing tape, from ATR and it seems 
nice, if perhaps a little stiff.. It seems some people are committed to 
keeping tape splicing alive..

-Matt Sohn