We're recent new members, and just wanted to say hello to everyone on the list.  We thought that there may be some folks interested in what we're up to.  

THE 78 PROJECT is a journey across America to record today’s musical artists as they perform the early American songs that inspired a century of popular music -- exactly as they were originally recorded, instantaneously, on one-of-a-kind 78rpm lacquer discs.  Inspired by Alan Lomax and his quest to capture music where it lived throughout the early 20th Century, the series celebrates the artistry and craft that spontaneously captured America’s most authentic musical forms.  With just one microphone, one authentic 1930's Presto direct-to-acetate disk recorder, and one blank lacquer disc, musicians are given an opportunity to make a recording anywhere they choose. What we have found is that the film, music and feelings that result defy space and time.  You can see more of the project, hear acetates and more at our website (, and you can also see all of our videos on our Vimeo page at:

We welcome any thoughts, insights, feedback...

Alex Steyermark & Lavinia Jones Wright
The 78 Project

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Breakthrough musicians on a journey to connect with the haunting recordings of the past...