For those wanting to see a rek-o-cut (poor mans version of the Presto) in action - the following short video shows a 78rpm record (dub) being cut recently.

The 78 Project web series sounds like a very interesting project. 
Hope it continues.
All the best


On 13/02/2012, at 7:06 AM, Don Cox wrote:

> On 11/02/2012, Alex Steyermark wrote:
>> Thank you for your encouragement! We are always amazed that our 70+
>> year-old Prestos work as well as they do. We have three, although
>> we've had to combine parts from two of them into one very good
>> machine. Which means we have two well-matched machines, and the third
>> which we are fixing up to get as good as the others. Each recording is
>> still a bit of a fraught process, and a huge sigh of relief is felt in
>> the room when we finish cutting a record. On the other hand, that is a
>> vital part of the experience, and we're always impressed with the
>> intensity of focus that the artists put into the performance. They
>> become very aware that there is no opportunity for punching in or any
>> kind of mix fixes. It makes for a truthful performance, something that
>> the artists themselves seem to find very moving when they hear their
>> records played back for them. And our Prestos, portable as they are,
>> certainly make for a good workout when we lug them around!
> A good mono mic can work very well, but Lomax's later recordings with a
> pair of ribbon mics are in my opinion even better.
> Have you heard any of the mono recordings made in Africa by Hugh Tracy?
> He hand-held his mic so that he could bring it nearer to whichever
> musician he wanted to emphasize at different points in the song. It
> shouldn't work but it does.
> The CD reissues are on the SWP records label
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