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There are numerous facts to show that even if "record companies" do believe that "ever louder on FM" is a good strategy, it's not:
See especially Bob Orban's article about how "toothpaste mastered" garbage is made even messier by FM processing and doesn't come out any louder, just unlistenably murky.

The only "winner" in the toothpaste-loudness "war" is the guitar player. He's finally beat out the drummer, whose playing is now reduced to little taps on a wet blanket (after all the dynamics have been toothpasted out of the mix). The toothpaste dynamics syndrome is a curse, a disease and, combined with unimaginative and/or talentless new bands, it has ruined rock music. When applied to jazz (new or reissues) or any other, more subtle form of music, it's even more offensive.

And, just to be factual, the "golden era of rock and roll dynamics" wasn't some wide-open 90dB free for all. Most of the "classic" popular music, even going back to the 40's, was highly dynamics-compressed. But, in the good mixes, enough headroom was kept so drums had impact, there was an understanding that bass notes need to move more air than upper midrange notes to be heard with impact, etc.

-- Tom Fine

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This is not in follow-up to any of your discussions ( which i enjoy
very much nonetheless )
but a small contribution to all.

In the Economist Friday February 10th 2012

hopefully this link will work
if it does not ...check out Babbage : Difference engine : Music to
their ears

Claude Rochon
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