Tom Ruane:

> It's interesting to hear they were shedding
> pretty much from day one though.  I assume
> it's the result of a failed experiment/change in the
> formula?

I have the exact opposite experience.

We used AGFA PE46 extensively from 1970 to 1986 for duplicating purposes.

During that time we never ever saw any oxide shedding at all and the
slitting was near perfect as always with BASF/AGFA.

This is my experience from several thousand reels of 10.5" AGFA PE46.

This tape was quite cheap had low MOL and shiny backing but for the price
asked was quite good, especially its consistency from reel to reel and batch
to batch year in and out in my experience here.

AGFA PE46 has never exhibited any sticky shed afaik.

The reels of PE46 I still have in storage today plays as well as it did back
in the 70īs.

It is correct that AGFA 468 had the sticky shed problem with several batches
for around a year or so.

AGFA 368 have problems from certain batches of oxide shedding.

Scotch 207 from the 3M plant in England was much more inconsistent in the
parameters from batch to batch and the slitting was very variable and the
phase wander at 10 kHz showed regular cyclic variations pointing to country
laning of the slit.

We used about 2000+ 10.5" reels of Scotch 207 over the same period 70-86.

Thankfully I have never ever seen any Scotch 206/207 reel exhibit sticky

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Goran Finnberg
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