We're looking into the particulars of how we would go about setting up a 
tape baking program in-house. One thing I have not seen addressed in the 
informal discussions about baking or in the literature is whether people 
are concerned about exposure to anything potentially harmful (or that would 
be regulated under OSHA exposure limits) from off gassing during baking, 
and following that, whether anyone uses controls (such as a fume hood) to 
mitigate any potential exposures. 

A chemist who is studying the degredation of video magnetic media recently 
said in response to my query that among other likely products, "Degradation 
products of magnetic tape include carbon dioxide, acetaldehyde, vinyl 
benzoate, carbon monoxide, methane, and benzaldehyde.  Many of these 
compounds are considerably harmful if inhaled, so I would definitely make 
an effort to move the baking to a well-ventilated area, or have it 
separately ventilated." Beyond the general question posed above about 
concern vs. controls, if anyone has actually measured exposure during 
baking to the listed components, I would appreciate knowing more about your 

Stories from your experiences baking, or particulars about how and where 
you do your baking would be much appreciated!

Thank You,

Katie Mullen

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