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> I think I have one Okeh record by Hadley.How many did he
> make?
> How about for other labels,with other orchestras?
> Roger

I haven't done extensive checking, but I am listing below the Okeh things I have. Conducting "his" orchestra:

Wolf-Ferrari: The Jewels of the Madonna-Intermezzo
6005-A (S7454) ca. May 1920
Dvorak: Symphony No.9-Largo 5002 A/B (S7452-A/S7453-B) ca. May 1920
Ponchielli: La Giocaonda–Dance of the Hours 5001-A (S-7372-B) c. April 1920
Moszkowski: Boabdil–Malaguena 6005 (S-7456-C) ca. May 1920

Then, of course, there are the NY Phil things for Ginn. Both Mike Gray and Steve Smolian have done work on these. There is also the listing in the North discography of the NY Phil.

There is at least one Vitaphone of Hadley conducting: Wagner's Tannhauser Prelude. That has been issued. There is some discussion as to whether or not he was the conductor for his film score to Don Juan in Hell. I don't know if that has ever been made available.

I also have a dub, courtesy of David Canfield, of a disc: The Time of Parting; Inez Barbour, Composer, piano Victor Personal Record.

As for Hadley works, in addition to what is available currently, I have the following:

Music of Henry Hadley

1In Bohemia Overture
Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra; Guy Fraser Harrison
[10 January 1954]
2Salome (Tone Poem)
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Karl Krueger
3Herod Overture 
Quincy, Illinois Senior High School Orchestra; Wayne Pyle
4Rhapsody: the Culprit Fay
National Music Camp Orchestra; Joseph Maddy [1957]
5Alma Mater Overture
University of Wisconsin Band; Raymond Dvorak [1959]
6Youth Triumphant
Mid-West Band Clinic; Frederick Fennell [1968]
Detroit Concert Band; Leonard B. Smith [1985]

Music of Henry Hadley

1Symphony No.2, “The Four Seasons”
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Karl Krueger
3Pierette, Op.93.2
Detroit Concert Band; Leonard B. Smith
4Piano Quintet in a minor, Op.50
Isabelle Byman, piano; Kohon Quartet
5Ballet of the Flowers: Red Rose; Heather
American Symphony Orchestra
Edison Diamond Disc 7700, ca. 1915

Music of Henry Hadley

1The Streets of Pekin (1931) [Great Stolman Street; Sweet Rain Street; Rickshaw Boy]
CBS Concert Orchestra; Bernard Herrmann
4Ballet of the Flowers [Red Rose; Heather] (orch by Charles J. Roberts)
American Symphony Orchestra; Edison 80710; [23 December 1920]
5Legend of Hani–Sipapu
CBS Concert Orchestra; Bernard Herrmann
6The Culprit Fay
National High School Orchestra; Joseph Maddy
NMC 1957-19A
7Spoken intro
8In Bohemia
Indianapolis SO; Fabien Sevitzky
[5 March 1943]
9Spoken intro
10The Legend of Hani–Sipapu
Indianapolis SO; Fabien Sevitzky
[8 March 1939]

Music of Henry Hadley

1In Bohemia
Oklahoma City Symphony; Guy Fraser Harrison
[10 January 1954]
2Lucifer, Op.66 (1910)
Eastman Rochester SO; Howard Hanson
[24 April 1939]
3San Francisco
Eastman Rochester SO; Howard Hanson
[10 March 1938]

Music of Henry Hadley

1Othello (Concert Overture) Op.96 (1919)
Classic M-Tell Orchestra Sofia Bulgaria
John McLaughlin Williams
[15 February 2011]
2Lucifer, Op.66 (1910)
Macon Symphony Orchestra; John McLaughlin Williams

Music of Henry Hadley

1Concertino for Piano and Orchestra, Op.131
Eunice Howard, piano; Victor Symphony Orchestra
Philip James, conductor Victor M-634
2October Twilight

Music of Henry Hadley
Scherzo Diabolique
Hamburg Philharmonia, Richard Korn
Allegro ALG 3150

Little Tommy Went a Fishing
Criterion Quartet

I am looking for a few things:

Symphonic Fantasia
Los Angeles Federal Symphony; Usigli Gastone

Concert Overture
University of Washington Concert Band
Walter Carl Welke, conductor
4011-4013 U of Washington
[6 December 1964]

Song of the Marching Men
Nebraska High School Clinic Band
Leo W. Moody, conductor
V9829 Century 

Elegie for Cello and Piano (arr. For Organ)
Charles M. Courboir, organ
Victor 18085
[21 July 1940]

To victory: March
Aeolian Vocalion 14158

Suite Ancienne (exc.)
Henri Nosco and His Orchestra

The Asra?
Columbia W170577-3