Yes, we "dumped" our 34" HD CRT TV just a month or two ago, because it was having trouble starting.  It was part of a package when we signed up for Dish Networks high definition upgrade.  It worked like a champ for about five years.  So, we would have kept it if it had continued, but now we have a 42" flat screen from Costco.  I think they'll continue to include built-in obsolescence as part of any package, too.

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On 01/02/2012, Roger Kulp wrote:

> I know what you mean about CRT televisions.I started going to the
> Goodwill Clearance Center last year.I have never seen so many big
> screen CRT televisions.Some of these monstrosities are seven square
> feet.Goodwill prices them for a dollar,often they do not sell.They get
> so much stuff,that it only sticks around for a couple of days,and then
> it goes out to the landfill or for recycling.
Are there any CRT TVs that display HDTV? The main reason for dumping an
old TV would be to be able to watch in high definition.

There will be a repeat of this when 4K TVs and discs come on the market.

Don Cox
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