As a follow-up, I was contacted off-list and subsequently learned that it wasn't at all obvious on how to get XMLQuire to recognize a schema such that the user interface will populate a list of available elements in its Auto-Complete list (which you can pin to the right-hand side of the screen by choosing Tools > Options > and then checking the "Side - Permanent" option under Auto-Complete).

Before doing all of that, though, you'll need to modify a text file that XMLQuire uses at start-up.  That file is stored in the Windows user application data path.  So, on Windows 7, that'll look something like the following:


If you open that file, all that you need to do is add the following on a new line, and re-save:


The first part just declares the namespace, and everything after the comma declares the location of the schema, whether the schema is local or remote.  So, if you have the schema downloaded locally, you can put the schema into that xsds directory and make that line:  urn:isbn:1-931666-22-9, ead.xsd

Or, if you're using the DTD, you should just be able to go to:


...and drop in the DTD file there.

These extra two steps are just to get the list of "possible elements" in your auto-complete list.  Out of the box, XMLQuire will automatically validate, as you type, against whatever schema or DTD is declared in the XML file.


P.S.  I've only used XMLQuire for a few minutes myself, but I wanted to let the list know about it since it seems to me to be (in those few minutes that I've looked at it) the best XML editor out there that you can get for free.

From: Custer, Mark
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Subject: XMLQuire, a free XML editor for Windows

The subject line nearly says it all, but I just wanted to share this find with the list.  If you want to try it out, it's available here: