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Excess List 2012-05
Savanuck Library

War: a historical, political, and social study / L. L. Farrar, Jr., editor.
[1978] 301.6334 W253

The Psychology of love / edited by Robert J. Sternberg and Michael L.
Barnes. [1988] 302. P974

The facilitators' handbook / John Heron. [1989] 302.14 H562

An ecology of communication: cultural formats of control / David L.
Altheide. [1995] 302.2 A467

Communication, social cognition, and affect / edited by Lewis Donohew,
Howard E. Sypher, E. Tory Higgins. [1988] 302.2 C734

Handbook of international and intercultural communication / editors, Molefi
Kete Asante, William B. Gudykunst, with the assistance of Eileen Newmark.
[1989] 302.2 H236

Effective communication / Gary T. Hunt. [1985] 302.2 H912

Messages that work: a guide to communication design / Patrick O. Marsh.
[1983] 302.2 M366

Communication rules: theory and research / Susan B. Shimanoff; foreword by
Dell Hymes. [1980] 302.2 S556

Seventy-five years of journalism and mass communication leadership: the
history of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication /
Billy I. Ross, editor; Richard R. Cole, Ronald T. Farrar, Jennifer H.
McGill, contributing ed [1993] 302.206 S497

Communication research measures: a sourcebook / editors, Rebecca B. Rubin,
Philip Palmgreen, Howard E. Sypher; associate editors, Michael J. Beatty ...
[et al.]. [1994] 302.2072 C734

The practice of questioning / J.T. Dillon. [1990] 302.224 D579

Media education and the liberal arts: a blueprint for the new
professionalism / Robert O. Blanchard, William G. Christ. [1993] 302.23 B639

Necessary illusions: thought control in democratic societies / Noam Chomsky.
[1989] 302.23 C548

Media and the American mind: from Morse to McLuhan / Daniel J. Czitrom.
[1982] 302.23 C998

Media effects and beyond: culture, socialization and lifestyles / edited by
Karl Erik Rosengren. [1994] 302.23 M488

Media and politics in Latin America: the struggle for democracy / edited by
Elizabeth Fox. [1988] 302.23 M489

Media and public policy / edited by Robert J. Spitzer. [1993] 302.23 M489M

Common knowledge: news and the construction of political meaning / W.
Russell Neuman, Marion R. Just, Ann N. Crigler. [1992] 302.23 N492

What are journalists for? / Jay Rosen. [2000] 302.23 R813

Teaching mass communication: a guide to better instruction / edited by
Michael D. Murray and Anthony J. Ferri. [1992] 302.23 T253

Television and women's culture: the politics of the popular / edited by Mary
Ellen Brown. [1990] 302.23 T269

Terrorism & the media: dilemmas for government, journalists & the public /
edited by Yonah Alexander and Richard Latter. [1990] 302.23 T328

How to handle the news media / Wanda Vassallo and Dean Angel. [1992] 302.23

Media and media policy in West Germany: the press and broadcasting since
1945 / Peter J. Humphreys. [1990] 302.230943 H927

Media & culture: an introduction to mass communication / Richard Campbell,
Christopher R. Martin, Bettina Fabos. [2009] 302.230973 C189

We the media: grassroots journalism by the people, for the people / Dan
Gillmor. [2006] 302.231 G482

For enquiring minds: a cultural study of supermarket tabloids / S. Elizabeth
Bird. [1992] 302.2322 B618

American media: the Wilson quarterly reader / edited by Philip S. Cook,
Douglas Gomery, Lawrence W. Lichty. [1989] 302.234 A512

The confetti generation: how the new communications technology is
fragmenting America / William J. Donnelly. [1986] 302.234 D685

Talking back to the media / Peter Hannaford. [1986] 302.234 H243

Milestones in mass communication research: media effects / Shearon A. Lowery
and Melvin L. DeFleur. [1988] 302.234 L913

The global village: transformations in world life and media in the 21st
century / Marshall McLuhan and Bruce R. Powers. [1989] 302.234 M166

Trend watching: how the media create trends and how to be the first to
uncover them / John E. Merriam and Joel Makower. [1988] 302.234 M568

American politicians and journalists / Charles Press, Kenneth VerBurg.
[1988] 302.234 P935

Super media: a cultural studies approach / Michael R. Real. [1989] 302.234

Violence as communication: insurgent terrorism and the Western news media /
Alex P. Schmid and Janny de Graaf. [1982] 302.234 S348

Vietnam in prose and film / James C. Wilson. [1982] 302.234 W749

Movies as mass communication / Garth Jowett, James M. Linton. [1989]
302.2343 J833

Social conflict and television news / Akiba A. Cohen, Hanna Adoni, Charles
R. Bantz, with Deanna C. Robinson ... [et al.]. [1990] 302.2345 C678

The psychology of television / John Condry. [1989] 302.2345 C747

The five myths of television power, or, Why the medium is not the message /
Douglas Davis. [1993] 302.2345 D261

Tuned in: television in American life / photographs by Lloyd DeGrane;
introduction by William Brashler; foreword by Larry A. Viskochil. [1991]
302.2345 D321

Tales of terror: television news and the construction of the terrorist
threat / Bethami A. Dobkin. [1992] 302.2345 D633

News that matters: television and American opinion / Shanto Iyengar and
Donald R. Kinder. [1987] 302.2345 I97

Prime-time society: an anthropological analysis of television and culture /
Conrad Phillip Kottak. [1990] 302.2345 K87

Terrorist spectaculars: should TV coverage be curbed? / Michael J. O'Neill.
[1986] 302.2345 O58

The key to survival: interpersonal communication / Tom Fisher, Tracey L.
Smith. [1987] 302.34 F536

Small group communication in organizations / H. Lloyd Goodall, Jr. [1985]
302.34 G646

Groups in process: an introduction to small group communication / Larry L.
Barker ... [et al.]. [1983] 302.34 G882

Organizational communication, foundations for human resource development /
R. Wayne Pace. [1983] 302.35 P115

Why leaders can't lead: the unconscious conspiracy continues / Warren
Bennis. [1989] 303.34 B472

Predictions of public opinion from the mass media: computer content analysis
and mathematical modeling / David P. Fan. [1988] 303.38 F199

Public opinion / Bernard Hennessy with the assistance of Erna Hennessy.
[1985] 303.38 H515

Media polls in American politics / Thomas E. Mann and Gary R. Orren,
editors. [1992] 303.38 M489

Intercultural communication: a reader / edited by Larry A. Samovar, Richard
E. Porter. [1991] 303.482 I61

The anarchist in the library: how the clash between freedom and control is
hacking the real world and crashing the system / Siva Vaidhyanathan.
303.4833 V128 

Simulating terrorism / Stephen Sloan. [1981] 303.62 S634

A political organization approach to transnational terrorism / Kent Layne
Oots. [1986] 303.625 O59

Media coverage and political terrorists: a quantitative analysis / Richard
W. Schaffert. [1992] 303.625 S296

Changing U.S. demographics / edited by Norris Smith. [2002] 304.62 C456

Bringing out the giftedness in your child: nurturing every child's unique
strengths, talents, and potential / Rita Dunn, Kenneth Dunn, Donald
Treffinger. [1992] 305.231 D923

Aging in America / edited by Olivia J. Smith. [2000] 305.26 A267

Woman to woman: from sabotage to support / Judith Briles. [1987] 305.42 B857
American women since 1945 / Rochelle Gatlin. [1987] 305.42 G261

Boiling point: Republicans, Democrats, and the decline of middle-class
prosperity / Kevin Phillips. [1993] 305.55 P561

Race matters / Cornel West. [1993] 305.8 W516

Minorities and media: diversity and the end of mass communication / Clint C.
Wilson II, Felix Gutierrez. [1985] 305.800973 W747

The Ebony handbook / the editors of Ebony. Editor: Doris E. Saunders. [1974]
305.896073 E16

One's company: reflections on living alone / Barbara Holland. [1992]
305.90652 H734

The Relevance of culture / edited by Morris Freilich. [1989] 306. R382

Grandma never lived in America: the new journalism of Abraham Cahan /
edited, with an introduction, by Moses Rischin. [1985] 306.089 C132

Public opinion in America: moods, cycles, and swings / James A. Stimson.
[1991] 306.0973 S859

What Americans really think: and why our politicians pay no attention /
Barry Sussman. [1988] 306.0973 S964

Understanding popular culture / John Fiske. [1989] 306.4 F541

Cultural communication and intercultural contact / edited by Donal Carbaugh.
[1990] 306.44 C968

Hot and bothered: sex and love in the Nineties / Wendy Dennis. [1992] 306.7
Keeping the love you find: a guide for singles / Harville Hendrix. [1992]
306.7 H498

Women on top: how real life has changed women's sexual fantasies / Nancy
Friday. [1991] 306.7082 F898

Burning desires: sex in America: a report from the field / Steve Chapple and
David Talbot. [1989] 306.70973 C467

Back from betrayal: recovering from his affairs / Jennifer P. Schneider.
[1988] 306.736 S359

Adultery, the forgivable sin: healing the inherited patterns of betrayal in
your family / Bonnie Eaker-Weil and Ruth Winter. [1993] 306.736 W422

Sexual being versus governments that promote homosexuality / Karl Bowman.
[1993] 306.766 B787

Familyhood: nurturing the values that matter / Lee Salk. [1992] 306.85 S167

Between husbands & wives: communication in marriage / Mary Anne Fitzpatrick.
[1988] 306.872 F559

The Book of quotes / compiled by Barbara Rowes. [1979] 309.173 B724

Where we stand: can America make it in the global race for wealth, health,
and happiness? / Michael Wolff, Peter Rutten & Albert F. Bayers III, and the
World Rank Research Team. [1992] 310. W855

Time and tide wait for no man: the changing European geopolitical landscape
/ Karel de Gucht and Stephan Keukeleire; foreword by Valery Giscard
d'Estaing. [1991] 320.12 G921

Communicating with strangers: an approach to intercultural communication /
William B. Gudykunst, Young Yun Kim. [1997] 320.2 G923

The American system of government / John H. Ferguson, Dean E. McHenry.
[1977] 320.473 F352

The violence formula: why people lend sympathy and support to terrorism /
Terrell E. Arnold. [1988] 322.42 A759

Grand dragon: D.C. Stephenson and the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana / M. William
Lutholtz. [1991] 322.42 L973

The Palestine Liberation Organization: from armed struggle to the
Declaration of Independence / Jamal R. Nassar. [1991] 322.42 N265

Participatory pluralism: political participation and influence in the United
States and Sweden / Marvin E. Olsen. [1982] 323.042 O52

The invasion of privacy / Donald Madgwick and Tony Smythe. [1974] 323.4 M181

The death of privacy / Jerry M. Rosenberg. [1969] 323.4 R813

Safeguarding civil liberty today: the Edward L. Bernays lectures of 1944
given at Cornell university / Carl L. Becker [and others] ... and an address
by Edmund Ezra Day. [1945] 323.44 C814

Censorship in the United States. / Edited by Grant S. McClellan. [1967]
323.44 M126

The system of freedom of expression / Thomas I. Emerson. [1970] 323.443 E53

Free speech in an open society / Rodney A. Smolla. [1992] 323.443 S666

Visions of the First Amendment for a new millennium: Americans speak out on
the future of free expression / Robert Bennett ... [et al.]. [1992] 323.443

2010 photographer's market / from the editors of Writer's Digest Books.
[2009] 770.688 P574

Fodor's 06 Los Angeles. [2006] 917.949 F653

Horse Soldiers/ Doug Stanton [2009]