FEDLINK members are exploring options for improving cooperative collection management, including establishing remote storage.  Please take a moment to complete a short survey to help our team better understand the collections and collection management needs in our community:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R9V6H6T.


A copy of the survey questions is attached for your review before you begin to enter your answers.


Please respond by Friday, March 2nd.


Background:  FEDLINK has in place an interagency agreement with the National Archives for the remote storage of physical collections.  The Library of Congress is the first agency to begin making use of that option in FY2012.  The items that LC is sending to storage are available in digital format in the HathiTrust (www.hathitrust.org) and the Internet Archive (www.archive.org).

                Discussions among FEDLINK members about how to build on these first steps led to the need for this survey.  One goal is to measure the level of interest in the project and identify more participants for some pilot projects.

One project will seek to measure the overlap among some collections of different types, e.g. law, earth sciences, and U.S. government publications.  Differences in cataloging practices will affect the outcome of that project and future efforts to collocate holdings among collections, so some basic information about cataloging practices will be useful.

Another project might involve better coordination of federal digitization activities.  FEDLINK has established a federal digitization program in which many federal entities participate.  The future of this or similar programs will have a significant impact on physical collections.  Items that have been digitized may need to be retained for preservation purposes, but storing them off-site becomes a better option if a digital surrogate is available for access.  The FEDLINK Preservation Working Group has surveyed federal libraries to identify digital collections, but more participation in that effort is needed if we are to avoid costly duplication of efforts and improve our understanding of what types of materials might best be stored remotely by other federal libraries.

Thank you for assisting us in this work.



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