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Help make RDA Toolkit better in three easy steps

In recent months RDA Toolkit has built avenues for users to better understand and take advantage of enhancements to the site and to help shape the course of future development. The following three steps will allow you to contribute to improvement of RDA Toolkit and to make the most of the resulting enhancements.

  • Participate in Virtual User Groups – next meeting: February 15

    The Virtual User Group is a kind of RDA Toolkit town hall meeting. We will demonstrate recent changes that have been made to the site and discuss future developments. The meetings allow you to speak directly with RDA Toolkit staff and share your thoughts on the work we are doing and your ideas about the future of the site.

    The next meeting of the Virtual User Group is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15, 2012, at 2:30 pm (CST; GMT -6). Participants will be able to speak live via phone or VOIP during the meeting. Register here.

  • Follow the Development blog:
    The Development blog is the place for users to track the progress of every item on the development to-do list. Whether the item is a bug fix, an improved function, or a new function, each post provides a reason for the work (the Use Case) and how the issue will be addressed (the Proposed Development).

    Subscribe to the blog feed, read up on the development work, and comment on the direction we are taking.

  • Get ready for releases:
    A week prior to any release we will post a full description of what is in the release. You can prepare to hit the ground running with the latest enhancements and content changes by checking in here.

    This link will also take you to past release statements, which may prove handy. When there is a release, it will occur on the second Tuesday of the month. The next release to RDA Toolkit is scheduled for February 14. Read the release.

Good News for You (and Us)

At the RDA Update Forum held at last month’s ALA Midwinter Meeting, Beacher Wiggins, a member of the U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee, reported that RDA Toolkit had met all of the committee’s June recommendations. We are proud of the work we have accomplished in the past months, and look forward to continually improving RDA Toolkit to better serve the cataloging community.

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