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National Research Council, Rome, Italy, November 29-30, 2012


Innovation is a process manifested in and through grey literature. Both have their origins in knowledge generation and both demonstrate value for government, academics, business and industry through their uses and applications. In a way, innovation and grey literature are two sides of the same coinage. Innovation is the catalyst for positive change and grey literature is the measure of benchmarks in the further process of research and development. Innovation and grey literature share parallel life cycles in which early growth is relatively slow until their use and application become recognized both within and later beyond their community of origin. Expected top-line growth and increased bottom-line results are achieved in part through new technologies, through redeployment and enhancement of existing products and services, which at times are unachieved. Nevertheless, the process shared by innovation and grey literature carries on. The goal of the Fourteenth International Conference on Grey Literature seeks to track the process of innovation by tracing the research life cycle and observing its convergence in the field of grey literature.


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