I am new to the list, and have searched in the list archives for an answer to my question, but I did not find anything, so I thought I would ask. Please forgive me (and do let me know) if this type of question is inappropriate for this list. 

My question relates to the creation of MODS records for digitized magazine pages. There is no pre-existing catalogue within which to work, so we are creating the METS/MODS records from scratch.

Many of the people mentioned on the pages (authors, editors, etc) have middle names and initials, and I do not know how to fit that in with "family" and "given" name types. Is there a current convention for this? This is what I'm playing around with at the moment:

                   <mods:name type="personal">
                   	<mods:namePart type="family">Moore</mods:namePart>
                   	< mods:namePart type="given">H. Napier</ mods:namePart>
                   	< mods:role>
                   		< mods:roleTerm>Editorial Director</ mods:roleTerm>
                   	</ mods:role>
                   </ mods:name>

Of course, this man has a first initial and a middle name, but they are together in one label, and I don't think they should be. Am I right about this?

Thanks very much for any advice,