Hi Steven and Bruce, 

Thanks very much for your advice, it has been most helpful. I think we will use a combination of both suggestions. 

For our purposes, finer granularity is preferred, so I think we will use <displayForm> to show: Hoover, J. Edgar, and perhaps use repeating "given" namePart types for "J." and "Edgar", and ensure they are ordered correctly.

Thanks again,
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> Many of the people mentioned on the pages (authors, editors, etc) have middle names and initials, and I do not know how to fit that in with "family" and "given" name types. Is there a current convention for this?

I don't see this as a limitation.

The problem is names are complex, and the notion of "middle name"
fairly idiosyncratic, and culturally-specific. It doesn't even work for well for a lot of Western names (consider "J. Edgar Hoover").

Since XML is ordered, I'd either include the names in the given name, and split them into separate given elements.