If you look at the examples for namepart in the MODS spec, they include all given names in one name form in the same name part. The expanded forms of initials that would be in a $q in MARC go in a separate namepart.

I don't think the semantics of MODS are specific enough to handle separating the components of the given name where multiple, parallel, forms of the given name can occur?


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Hi Steven and Bruce,

Thanks very much for your advice, it has been most helpful. I think we will use a combination of both suggestions.

For our purposes, finer granularity is preferred, so I think we will use <displayForm> to show: Hoover, J. Edgar, and perhaps use repeating "given" namePart types for "J." and "Edgar", and ensure they are ordered correctly.

Thanks again,

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> Many of the people mentioned on the pages (authors, editors, etc) have middle names and initials, and I do not know how to fit that in with "family" and "given" name types. Is there a current convention for this?

I don't see this as a limitation.

The problem is names are complex, and the notion of "middle name"
fairly idiosyncratic, and culturally-specific. It doesn't even work for well for a lot of Western names (consider "J. Edgar Hoover").

Since XML is ordered, I'd either include the names in the given name, and split them into separate given elements.