NLS Operations Alert


No. 12-15


DATE           :  February 28, 2012

TO                :  Network Libraries

FROM          :  Michael Martys, Automation Officer

SUBJECT    :  New BARD statistic reports


The integration of the Web-Braille service into the Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) system will be implemented as soon as BARD infrastructure issues can be resolved. Although resolving these issues is beyond NLS control, we anticipate that it will occur before the National Conference. The merger of the two systems will require changes to the current statistics reports.


BARD statistic reports must be altered to accommodate braille materials. The current audio “detailed download stats for [year month].html” report will be broken into two separate reports: one to display audio transactions and one to display braille transactions. Each of these reports will also be generated as a CSV file (spreadsheet) to be loaded into library circulation systems. Details regarding the alterations are outlined in the attached document.


The current audio “download stats for [year month].html” will also be broken into two additional separate reports: one to provide summary information on the interests and activities of your library’s BARD patrons and one to provide summary information on the use of BARD books produced and submitted by your library. Details regarding the summary reports are forthcoming.


NLS will be prepared to answer questions regarding these proposed changes at the Open Forum telephone conference on Wednesday, February 29, 2012, at 2:30 pm.




For more information contact:


Paula Higgins

BARD Project Coordinator

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