NLS Operations Alert


No. 12-06


DATE:        February 3, 2012

TO:               Network Libraries

FROM:        Carolyn H. Sung, Chief, Network Division

SUBJECT:  Digital players available from the MSCW

Plenty of digital players are available at the Multistate Center West (MSCW) to support the continuing transition. For simplicity in filling orders, we have established the following process and order quantities.

When your machine lending agency (MLA) needs additional digital players:

1.    Go into the Network Library Services website (formerly known as PICS)

2.    Go to Selected Forms

3.    Select the second category, Multistate Center Shipment Requests

4.    Select the first link, Create New Shipment Request. This will open the form and allow you to complete the request.

MLAs must follow this process when ordering forty to two hundred digital players. Please use the following stock numbers for the corresponding quantities:

Stock # MA300


Stock # MA301


Stock # MA302


Stock # MA303


Stock # MA304


Using these stock quantities will ensure that shipments are made in multiples of eight and thereby eliminate breaking up over-packs. The minimum shipment to any MLA will be forty players or five over-packs. Larger orders will be shipped in multiples of forty. The allocation of standard and advanced digital players will be 60/40 unless otherwise requested. The MSCW will send the ordering MLA and the BPHICS contractor the serial numbers for the players ordered for input into the appropriate BPHICS file.  

To request quantities larger than two hundred digital players, contact your network consultant. NLS will authorize the shipment via e-mail to the MSCW and copy you. Once you receive this approval, you may order the approved quantity by following the above steps.

For more information contact:


Carolyn H. Sung

Chief, Network Division
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