I can't recall if this was mentioned in the original thread, but the RDA elements Biographical information (9.17) and Corporate history (11.11), will, as I understand it, map to 678 in the authorities format. The examples in RDA have considerable extent. Whereas 670 is for the recording of sources, to justify 1XX and 4XX, it should be possible to include quite detailed and extensive biographical information in the 678 of an RDA NACO NAR.
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Dear PCCLIST readers,


Thanks to all those who contributed to this discussion (former subject line: NARs and archival collections).   Some of the issues that were raised on the list in response to my question were ones I had heard previously in other contexts, leading me to believe that they have been a matter of concern for some time. 


Some constituencies (the archival and artistic communities) might be better served through changes to NACO policy and practice. Rather than having several agencies with individual needs and requirements adopt local practices, which can vary considerably, perhaps adjustments to standard NACO practice would help.  Such changes might allow for the use of more appropriate sources.  They might also adjust the extent to which historical and biographical information concerning an individual is recorded in field 670 (or other fields for documentation). 


Is there any support for following this idea?  - Ian


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