What is the consensus on date fields being wrapped inside of title fields,
especially when the title of a folder IS a date? (specifically in a
container list)

<unittitle> Bills and Receipts,
<date normal="1850/1859" type="inclusive">1850-1859</date>


<date calendar="gregorian" normal="1980/1985" era="ce">1980-1985</date>

All of this being related to the effect on searching in a database (built
in a mysql database). I've been told that this will hinder searching and
that it needs to change, that title and date need to separate into their
own respective fields. I'm working in AT. Would I just not have folder
titles, but dates instead?

I would love to hear opinions on the pros and cons of mysql databases vs.
xslt styling as well, if anyone would like to comment.

Thanks for any and all comments!

Ashley Knox
Project Manager
USC Digital Collections