From an EAD-encoding perspective, <unittitle> is not required, so simply having a <unitdate> is sufficient.  This is also compliant with the DACS guidelines for subsequent levels in a multilevel description.  In the example of a corresondence series, the title "Correspondence" could inherit to subordinate components with only <unitdate>s.

In your local context there may be stylesheet and best practice considerations that require a <unittitle>.  This is the case a Yale, where we require <unittitle> at each level of description, a decision that I regret.  Were I to significantly revisit our encoding best practices and stylesheets I would not require <unittitle> at component levels.


On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 9:23 AM, Jaime Margalotti <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
As someone who is firmly on the nested <unitdate> side, I have a question for the non-nesters.  How do you deal with situations where the date is the only title (such as: the series is "Correspondence" and each file is a date range?

I did not think is was acceptable to leave the <unittitle> empty, so would you put the date in both places and use the stylesheet to sort out the redundancy?


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> I can't add much to Cory's thorough synopsis, but I do want to confirm that TS-EAD is considering how to clarify the use of <unitdate> in relation to <unittitle>.  It is premature to share any decisions, but I encourage anyone interested to look at the alpha version of the new EAD schema which we intend to release this summer.  At that point any changes regarding <unitdate> and <unittitle> will be present in the draft schema and in accompanying documentation and TS-EAD will be eager to receive feedback.
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