We've had members leave NWDA and withdraw finding aids. In those cases, we associate the permanent URL with a message directing searchers to the institution for further information. This notice persists for about a year, during which time we assume the finding aids are hosted by the institution and have been re-indexed by search engines. 

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On Mar 26, 2012, at 9:32 AM, Michele R Combs wrote:

Now that more and more of us are putting more and more of our finding aids online on the open web, where they get indexed by search engines and bookmarked by researchers, I'm curious how other institutions are handling cases of de-accessioned or transferred collections.  Do you simply delete the finding aids file from your server, knowing that you're potentially creating dead link(s), and wait for it to eventually disappear from Google's search results?  Do you put up a brief "This collection has been cancelled" note directing people to your main website if they have questions?  Or something else?

I can see pros and cons of both approaches.


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