Excellent, thanks - will be watching for that.


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We have a link checker in the form of a couple of old perl scripts that runs on our EAD once a quarter from cron -- I was just looking at it the March 1st report though it looks like it has a few problems (it is flagging redirects as errors, has some odd dependencies) and has some vestigial complexity related to obsolete work flows.

I'm migrating voro from solaris to linux (next week the production app will move, one of the last steps in what has been something like a 16 month project) and I totally forgot about this link checking script, so rather than try to clean it up and port it over I might just start over with a fresh script.  I'm trying to do as much as my coding as possible these days on public repositories so I'll send a link out to the script when we have a solution running on the new production (virtual) box.

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> Hi Deena -
> We're pretty hesitant to do this for exactly the reason you describe, and as a general rule we don't.  If you choose to, some sort of automated link-checker would be in order -- run it once a month or so to identify dead links.  If we had something like that, I might consider being more liberal with <extref>.  Maybe it's time to investigate that again...
> Michele 
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> I would like to know what others do as far as encoding links to external sources in your EADs.  I have mostly thought about this with regards to linking to other institutions' finding aids in <relatedmaterial>, but this could also apply to <bibliography>, <bioghist>, and probably other places.  
> I previously decided against encoding links I don't have control over, regardless of how authoritative or stable they seem to be, so that I'm not then forced to make sure they don't become broken, but with the proliferation of digitized resources, I thought I'd revisit and see what others are doing.
> Thanks!
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