Federal Libraries FDLP Forecasting Session at GPO – Monday, March 26th 9:00-12:00
Please join GPO on March 26, 2012, from 9:00am – 12:00pm for a Federal Libraries Forecasting session. Regional coordinators, Celina Nichols, of the University of Maryland, College Park and Barbie Selby, of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, will be present to discuss Forecasting plans in the Maryland, District of Columbia, Delaware, and Virginia areas.
GPO is pleased with the interest expressed among Federal librarians to participate in the FDLP Forecasting Project. Federal libraries are an important part of the FDLP community. Your viewpoints and data are vital to this project and serve to enrich our understanding of the community’s issues and concerns.
This Forecasting session will provide the following:
  1. Overview of the Project
  2. Discussion of the of the FDLP Library Forecast questionnaire
  3. Discussion of the FDLP State Forecast
  4. Discussion of the FDLP State Focused Action
  5. Examples of how states are organizing and participating
  6. Question and Answer session
The first step in participating is for individual Federal Depository Library Coordinators to complete the FDLP Library Forecast questionnaire through Survey Monkey, available on the FDLP Forecast Study Project page on the FDLP Desktop at http://www.fdlp.gov/home/about/1185-fdlp-forecast-study.  A Word version of the FDLP Library Forecast questionnaire is also available on the Project page as a template to enable participants to record and review all questions and draft responses before completing the survey in Survey Monkey. 
Completing the Library Forecast questionnaire will prepare FDLP members for our Federal Libraries Forecasting session on March 26th.  At the March 26th meeting, we will discuss how to complete an FDLP State Forecast and how to determine state or Federal depository region level goals and initiatives which will be documented in the State Focused Action Plan.
Copies of the FDLP State Focused Action Plan template are available on the Project page. The FDLP State Forecast, adapted from the Library Forecast to accommodate State level discussions and represent the collective experiences of FDLP libraries in each state, will soon be available on the Project page in Word and PDF formats to assist the community in easily accessing and completing State Forecasts and using the responses to State Forecasts to inform State Focused Action Plans to be completed at the state or Federal depository region level.
State Focused Action Plans build on issues identified in State Forecasts. These Action Plans, which can be completed at the state or Federal depository region level, represent what libraries in the state or region have identified in their forecasts as important issues and are working together to address through goals and actions that they plan to pursue in the next one to five years.
Community participation in this project, through the submission of completed individual library and State Forecast questionnaires and State Focused Action Plans, is crucial to the successful creation of our shared vision of the future of the FDLP. The data from completed FDLP Forecasts and Action Plans is needed to document where changes are needed in our existing Program.
Federal libraries should participate based on the state or district where they are located. Libraries located in the District of Columbia will want to participate at the depository region level when working together to complete an FDLP State Focused Action Plan. The University of Maryland, College Park, is the regional for the District of Columbia. Federal libraries outside of the District of Columbia will want to participate at the state or Federal depository region to which they belong.
Over the past two months, GPO has facilitated virtual town hall meetings with Depository Coordinators in seven states.  GPO is please to be able to facilitate this important discussion of the future of the FDLP in a face to face meeting.
Please plan to arrive by 9:00am to clear security. GPO’s Forecasting session will begin at 9:30am in the Carl Hayden room. Enter through GPO Building C at 732 North Capitol Street NW, Washington DC 20101-00001.  Please email Forecast Project co-leads Cherie Givens [log in to unmask] or David Walls [log in to unmask] to confirm attendance.
David Walls, Cherie Givens, FDLP Forecast Study co-chairs.
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