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Reclamation Translations

Study of intermolecular interaction in cellulose acetate. R.V. Zueva et. Al ,May 1993, Translation no. 2305

Experimental study of ferrite membranes, Translation no. 2308

Catalytic nitrate reduction (CNR) as a denitrification method in water treatment, September 1993, Translation no. 2307

Catalytic nitrate reduction in drinking water, September 1993, Translation no. 2306

Elastomers in contact with drinking water (II), June 1993, Translation no. 2283

Reaction of trichloroethanal with cellulose and its hydroxyl-containing compounds, May 1993, Translation no. 2288

A method for managing a ferric electroplating solution, July 1993, Translation no. 2291

Study of physical properties of modified triacetate complex fibers as a function of technological parameters, March 1993, Translation no. 2249



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