Dear Saa¹ha,

Thank you so much for the MODS 3.5 change proposal. The MODS/MADS
Editorial Committee has had some email discussion of the issue, and will
be covering it in a conference call today. We'll have more information

Chair, MODS/MADS Editorial Committee

Jenn Riley
Head, Carolina Digital Library and Archives
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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On 3/13/12 3:43 PM, "Saa¹ha Metsärantala" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>I would like to use editionURI attributes on classification elements in
>MODS files. According to mods-3-4.xsd there is no such attribute. I
>whether such an attribute could be added to MODS and be made available in
>mods-3-5.xsd or if I should use other attributes, such as @edition or
>@authorityURI and populate them with URI's such as
> (and similar) which are common within the
> domain.
>My guess is that adding an editionURI attribute on classification
>in the MODS schema would be the most appropriate way to solve this kind of
>Do you have other suggestions? Thanks!