NLS Operations Alert


No. 12-21


DATE          :     March 14, 2012

TO                :     Network Libraries

FROM         :     Carolyn H. Sung, Chief, Network Division

SUBJECT   :     Revised procedure for ordering digital players from MSCW


This operations alert supersedes Operations Alert 11-37, which was sent to the network on April 27, 2011. It describes revisions to the process by which machine-lending agencies (MLAs) request digital players from Multistate Center West (MSCW). Through the new procedure, MLAs may now request that all players in a shipment be either standard or advanced models. Unless this specific request is made, shipments will contain a 60/40 split between standard and advanced digital players.


When your MLA needs additional digital players, it should use the following process to request them:


1.    Log on to the Network Library Services website (formerly known as PICS)

2.    Go to Select Forms

3.    Select the second category, Multistate Center Shipment Requests

4.    Select the first link, Create New Shipment Request. This will open the form, allowing you to complete the request


MLAs may order digital players in batches of forty to two hundred using the following stock numbers:


Stock #  MA300          40

Stock #  MA301          80

Stock #  MA302       120

Stock #  MA303       160

Stock #  MA304       200


To avoid breaking up over-pack boxes, the minimum shipment to any MLA will be forty players (three over-packs of standard digital players, two over-packs of advanced digital players). Larger shipment requests will maintain that 60/40 split between standard and advanced digital players. However, MLAs may now request that all players in a shipment be either standard or advanced by using the Special Instructions field on the online order form.


Requests for quantities of more than two hundred should be addressed to Alice O’Reilly, assistant to the chief, Materials Development Division, at (202) 707-0538 or [log in to unmask]. She will authorize the MSCW to ship digital players to your MLA. Once she has done this, you must then go to the shipment request form and order the approved quantity. Procedural questions may be directed to Paula Stuart, director, Multistate Center West.


Serial numbers of digital players sent to a specific MLA will be sent by MSCW to the BPHICS contractor for input into the MLA’s BPHICS file. The MLA will also receive a list of its digital players’ serial numbers.



For more information contact:

Carolyn H. Sung

Chief, Network Division

[log in to unmask]