On December 20, 2011, I announced on behalf of the PCC Policy Committee the plans for a PCC Day One for RDA Authority Records.  The full announcement can be downloaded from the PCC RDA web page at  The Policy Committee has now identified when this date will be:  March 31, 2013.


We selected this date for several reasons.  It gives a year of lead time for NACO catalogers to be trained in NACO RDA authority work (training sessions coming in April!) and to develop a smooth and confident local workflow for those contributions.  It provides a reasonable target date for the work that will need to take place in and with the authority file in preparation for RDA.  It gives the vendor community time to plan.  And because it matches the date for LC implementation of RDA, there will be less confusion for catalogers in keeping dates straight.


This means that for authority records:

·        Saturday, March 30, 2013 is the last day that new AACR2 authority records will be permitted in the LC/NACO Authority File.

·        Beginning Sunday, March 31, 2013, all new authority records entering the LC/NACO Authority File must be coded RDA.


This means that for bibliographic records:

·        Beginning Sunday, March 31, 2013, all access points on bibliographic records coded “pcc” must be RDA, even if the bibliographic description follows AACR2.

·        There is no set date for PCC institutions to begin contributing RDA bibliographic records.  PCC continues to believe that institutions can set their own timetable for this transition.


More information on NACO RDA training and record review will be coming soon on PCCLIST.  As soon as catalogers are trained on NACO RDA authority work, they may begin contributing those records to the LC/NACO Authority File, even before March 31, 2013.  NACO training will be general training, and will focus on the differences between AACR2 and RDA heading and reference construction, and on the new fields that can be added to authority records.  It will not cover specialized areas, such as music, law, series, and complicated uniform titles such as the Bible, Koran, etc.  Some NACO Funnel Coordinators may wish to plan specialized training sessions in these areas to assure satisfactory understanding and record review prior to the March 31, 2013 implementation date.


Information from the Acceptable Headings Implementation Task Group will also continue to be posted on PCCLIST; this group is overseeing the changes to the authority file in  preparation for RDA, including the marking of all headings that are currently not acceptable under RDA.  Their website provides a wealth of information.  The PCC Day One FAQ has been updated to reflect this new information.


Linda Barnhart

Head, Metadata Services Department and

     Chair, Program for Cooperative Cataloging 2011-12

University of California, San Diego Libraries

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